May 8th, 2015

Well hello there Friday followers…

Friday Link time – GO!

The Martian Diaries

“Curiosity has explored Mars for over two and a half years. What if the rover kept a scrapbook?”

Actually for any of you who have seen the rover’s Twitter feed, you know that whoever is manning the probe’s social media efforts has been pretty chatty. This is a great compendium of the data it’s collected so far.

64 Yourself

“Drop a PNG or JPG <2MB from your filesystem onto the screen to upload and convert your image.”

This web app converts any image into a bitmap that would have been compatible for viewing on a Commodore 64 computer (circa 1982 – 1984.)

Nostalgia bitmaps. This is a thing now. 🙂

Tom Waits Map

Making the rounds. But still pretty cool.

This is a Google map hack that shows locations (and stories) behind any geographical location referenced in a Tom Waits song.

Pretty great.

Speaking of Mr. Waits, were you aware that this was also in the works…?



A tiny pillow fight in your browser. Super fun and funny.


Bonus Link!


Web Mandelbrot

A mandelbrot fractal graph, generated using HTML5.

That author of this (Karol Guciek) also made other great generated art. Just click on the top-right “More apps” link.

Have a lovely weekend. Where I live, it’s hot!

Happy Friday!