May 22nd, 2015

Yes: Friday! My favorite.

Here are some clever links…

Alexey Kondakov Embeds the History of Art in Everyday Life

Ukranian artist Alexey Kondakov takes renaissance paintings and re-stages them in 21st century Kiev.

The article is in French. Google Translate can assist.

Some of these are just excellent.

Super Micro Paint

Create old-school LCD animations using this web tool.

Wired: The Untold Story of ILM, a Titan that Forever Changed Film

ILM stands for Industrial Light and Magic, George Lucas’s effects shop.

This is a really engrossing read whether you’re a fan of Star Wars or not.

Garbage Cat

“You play as my garbage cat, who wakes me up at 3AM literally every morning.”

This game is relevant to my interests.

Bonus Link!

Mad Men Integrated

A tumblr of Mad Men gifs from a digital agency perspective. Funny (ish)

Have a lovely Friday everybody!