May 29th, 2015

Say goodbye to May, folks. It’s been swell!

And now: some Friday Links!


“This site provides an alternative way of browsing the NYPL’s incredible Photographic Views of New York City, 1870s-1970s collection. Its goal is to help you discover the history behind the places you see every day.”

Think of a kind of Google Street View composed completely of very old stills. I could spend hours on this.


“At first glance the Querkles are nothing but a seemingly random arrangement of indecipherable overlapping circles but cunningly hidden within each one is a famous face waiting to be revealed.”

The iRotary Saga

“I miss the olden days, where you had a nice physical handset you could slam into the phone to relieve your tension, but mobile phones just don’t provide the same pleasure. Undeterred, I set out to create a rotary phone that was also a mobile phone.”

Pretty impressive, and the guy is funny.

GameBoy Emulation with JavaScript

The list of games is crazy big. I tested a few of them and they definitely do work. That is remarkable!

Amazing. I love this concept. It’s both artwork and a puzzle.

Bonus Link!

A 10-step guide to party conversation for bioinformaticians

[Somewhat self-explanatory]

A funny but insightful read from bioinformatician Alicia Oshlack.

See you next week!