June 5th, 2015

Well here we are all Friday’d up and no place to go.

Here: have some links!


(Yes. That is “tree” with three e’s)

A generative tree maker written in JavaScript.

You can click on it while it generates and rotate it around.

Quite beautiful.

A graphic tale: the visual effects of Mad Max: Fury Road

A pretty great breakdown of the visual effects and other details of the making of this insane action film.

Type To Design

You type, and this tool represents the letters with randomly-selected pictures from Instagram. You can correct specific letters by clicking on them.

Suggested by Chris H.

Dogfight 2

An addictive biplane shooter. Super fun.

Bonus Link!

Exhausting a Crowd

What appears to be an installation piece about surveillance in the 21st century. You zoom in to specific people in a video segment and try to determine what each of them is doing. Others also do this. It’s kind of interesting and odd.

Special this week: Some “Long Reads”

I had heard from a few of you recently that long reads are a thing that you might be interested in. I have been a huge fan of them but held back on linking them here, but since more people are checking out the Friday Links and commenting on it (thanks!) I am adapting to that feedback. It may not be every week, but once in a while if there are really great ones.

So here are a couple for you:

Dissent in Putin’s Russia

An interview with Ilya Ponomarev, a (former?) member of the Russian State Duma who now lives in the United States. It’s an insiteful read.

How I tracked FBI Aerial Surveillance

Ars Technica’s John Wiseman writes about aerial surveillance over Baltimore.

Wait But Why: How Tesla Will Change The World

A great read. His previous post about Elon Musk is also pretty excellent.

Yay! Long reads.

Have a great Friday everybody. See you next week!