July 10th, 2015

Welcome back, Friday. How have you been?

It’s link time everybody!

Detroit 1982

“Photo essay of early Reagan-era, unemployed, drunk 20 yr olds with too much time on their hands. The privilege of youth.”

Sent in by Emily J. which, frankly, made my week.

It’s like a set of band photos for a crappy roadhouse band that never really existed.

P.S. That also reminds me of  this gallery of snapshots from 1979 Jersey Shore.

Randall Rosenthall: Wood Sculpture

The site’s design leaves a lot to be desired, but just look at what this guy makes out of (usually) a single block of hardwood.


10 Completely Useless Websites

[self explanatory?]

Well… now you know what those are. 🙂

For contrast, here are The 101 Most Useful Websites. You’re welcome.

The Rock

A simple, extreeeeemely frustrating “flappy bird” knock off.

Sent in by Lisa S.

Bonus Link!

Cabel.me: Hooray! 4th of July Fireworks

Cabel Sasser annually catalogues the weirdest, goofiest, most unintentionally funny or bizarre fireworks titles that are on the market that year.

He’s been doing this since 2007. They’re pretty great.

As for long reads, I was intrigued by two this week:

The Message: Why the Great Glitch of July 8th Should Scare You

A takedown of the fear-mongering regarding perceived terrorist causes of last week’s major computer system outages. (The focus is instead on the more mundane “badly maintained code”.)

The Mob’s IT Department

“How two technology consultants helped drug traffickers hack the Port of Antwerp”

I love a good heist story. 🙂

Oh and by the way, there’s a remastered print of Brad Bird’s The Iron Giant screening in a few actual theatres starting in September. That excites me.

Have a lovely weekend, Friday fans.