August 7th, 2015


[band continues without me]

Here are this week’s Friday Links!

Screenbid Auctions: Mad Men

Screenbid is auctioning off numerous items from all seasons of AMC’s Mad Men. That includes Don Draper’s 1965 Coupe DeVille (current bid: $26.5k.) You could own a piece of TV history. Pretty great.

Santa Fe Exports: Frank Gonzales

Some pretty stunning art from this artist. He also regularly updates his Instagram account.


“ARCKIT is a freeform model making system that allows you to physically explore designs and bring your architectural projects to life”

Prices range from $70 – 400 for a set. Christmas is coming. This could be the great architectural construction set for the builder in your life.

“ is a showcase of curated creative coding sketches. The aim of these doodles is to exhibit interactive, engaging web experiments which only require a short attention span. No loading bars, no GUI, no 5MB 3D models or audio files, just plain and simple doodles with code.”

These are great! And this site could eat up hours out of your day. (I wouldn’t complain about it.)

An article making the rounds this week that I think could be worth a look at is from Marc Hogan over at Stereogum:

Have We Reached Peak Vinyl?

Stewart Anderson has had enough. The frontman for noise-pop veterans Boyracer and head of likeminded label 555 Recordings has been releasing music on vinyl since 1991. But the well-documented manufacturing delays that have gone hand in hand with the format’s unlikely resurgence have finally pushed the artist/entrepreneur to the point of wanting to break it off with analog discs.

Full disclosure: I still have a thing for vinyl records. But I can’t justify the $35 (and higher) price tags.

Bonus Link!

Have a lovely weekend everybody!