August 28th, 2015

Huzzah! It is Friday!

Right? (Is it just me?)


Here we go…


A new installation / sold out art project from Banksy. This is making the rounds and (as mentioned) sold out. This all looks really amazing. There is some great coverage over at Booooooom as well.

Dictionary Stories

“Very short stories composed entirely of example sentences from the New Oxford American Dictionary.” There has been some pretty great coverage of this on Slate and others.


A proposal on behalf of McDonald’s and Burger King to join forces on Sept. 21st, 2015 (aka: Peace Day.) I don’t like either of these companies but the site is certainly a great piece of HTML5 mastery.


A challenging multiplayer game. The goal is to find your way to the flag. Someone known as “the master” (randomly selected) can either help or hinder you by drawing or erasing paths. It’s complicated. Eats up lots of free time.

Bonus Link!

Leaving Everywhere

A site that randomly generates a “why I’m leaving [city name here]” letter based on US census and other data. Kind of cute. Very much US-specific.

Some reads:

Abandoning the work I hated. An essay by Robert Markowitz in the New york Times (so caution: paywall.) He goes from being a lawyer, to teaching Sunday school, to… deciding to take his time to find what he loves to do instead. Inspiring.

Most gun deaths are suicides, not homicides. That’s a strong case for gun control. From Dylan Matthews over at Vox. This has been a terrible year for senseless gun violence in the US. (But so has virtually every year of the past 20.)

See you in a week, Friday folks!