October 2nd, 2015

It’s actually Friday! For real!

At last.

I know this has been a week of some terrible news (on my side of the pond) of course. But we have to strive ahead.

So here we go. The links!


A great visualization of the relationships between musical recording artists throughout history. This can easily eat up hours of your day. I love that you can start from somebody very well known, and end up in unexpected places. (Just like you can with good music.)

Coolness Graphed

[self explanatory]

A graphical examination of when something is cool, and when it probably is not.

Suggested by Stewie.

My Morning Routine

“Dreamed up by Michael Xander and Benjamin Spall in December 2012, My Morning Routine is an independent online magazine that brings you a brand new, inspiring morning routine every Wednesday to help set you up for a more productive and enjoyable day.”

This is pretty great. Sent in by Kate S.


A multiplayer trivia game, organized into categories. You can sign up, and build a trivia empire out of it, or play as a guest. It’s excellently designed. Nice job.

Bonus Link!

Captain Credible: Dead Cats “Generative” EP

“This EP ‘Dead Cats’ Is unique in that each physical copy of the printed circuitboard is a different version of the EP. The last track on the ep ‘main.h’ is generated by the microcontroller on the circuitboard using a bunch of complex 8bit maths equations and your download code.”

Such a unique – and decidedly nerdy – approach. But it also sounds good. Sent along by Trevor T.

One pretty good read this week:

Becoming Rihanna

“In a world of phonies, Rihanna is the realest. How she manages this, we may never know.” Writer Mary H. K. Choi profiles Rihanna without ever gaining access to her. It’s a pretty great article.

Have a great weekend everybody!