October 16th, 2015

Fridayyyy at last. Phew. Great to be here!

OK: To the links!!

Google Street View Player

You enter an origin and destination location, and this site will play you a series of images of what the Google Street View car saw on that drive.

Pretty great idea.

Created by developer Brian Folts. Fantastic.

Fear and Loathing in GTAV

“GTA V is the most complex game/virtual reality ever made: it represents the zeitgeist and illustrates how fast everything is moving in the world today, which coincidentally made it perfect to explore a host of questions surrounding virtual reality that I’d been wrestling with for quite some time.”

Some haunting, beautiful images in here, all captured in-game in GTAV.

Wayne Levin Images

Wayne Levin specializes in underwater photography and his site features some really stunning work.

Infinity Inc.

“Find a clone gun, create your own clones and overcome deathly traps by destroying them!”

This is a mentally complicated, and insanely addictive game. I love it. Great concept. I suck at it but it’s fun to watch somebody who’s really good at it.

Bonus Link!

Listverse: 10 Unnecessary Fears People Had of Everyday Things

[self explanatory]


And so: Since we’re heading into the early stages of “the holiday season” I thought I’d start including a few links to things I think would be pretty sweet gift ideas for your special someone. We’re in this fascinating era of so much great stuff being made I figured: why not? But only one or two a week. We’ll see how long I keep it up.

Bestmadeco: The Weather Station

BestMadeCo: The Weather Station
BestMadeCo: The Weather Station

Sure it’s $172 plus shipping, but it shows you when several elements are “just right”. I like it.

ThinkGeek Mini Vintage Bluetooth Stereo

A kooky, but cute idea. Only $50! (plus shipping, etc.) Adorable.

See you again next Friday!