November 27th, 2015

Well will ya look at that! Friday!

And look: some links!

Here we go…

Google Street View: Jordan Highlights

Google gives ancient Jordan historical sites a thorough Street View treatment. This could eat up several hours of your day.

1850s and 1860s Hotel Menus

From the University of Houston comes this compendium of very old hotel restaurant menus.

Roast mutton, anybody…?

The Telharmonium

Atlas Obscura with an interesting entry about a 1906 invention that was (sort of) the “Spotify” of its day.

xkcd: Hoverboard

A pretty challenging little game to celebrate the new xkcd book “Thing Explainer” which came out this week. (And is most likely worth a read.)

Bonus Link!

Emirates Air-Line “New Perspective” campaign

This is a series of intricately detailed photomosaics of 38 iconic locations around the world, created for the Emirates airline.


Some reads!

Steve Albini: Why I Haven’t Had A Conventional Christmas in 20 Years. A heartbreaking, inspiring read by one of our generation’s finest recording engineers.

Some more Holiday suggestions:

Here’s a great gift guide for designers. I like. A lot.

Also, how about the “Ring” connected doorbell. It sounds pretty awesome. ($199USD) I say this as a person who has not had a functioning doorbell in over 12 years. BoingBoing has a comprehensive (positive) review of this device.

And finally: maybe consider using to send your Xmas cards this year. You choose the card designs (and they’re excellent,) you customize the messaging, choose the font style (which emulates handwriting) and they all get put in envelopes and sent to the appropriate recipients. This is a great idea. Very modern.

Have a great weekend everybody.


November 20th, 2015

It is Friday again!

You know what that means…

Shooting Gallery SF: American Iconomics

Artists Akira Beard and James Charles create some pretty incredible portraits (Charles’s using real American currency) with a sense of sardonic wit. Some really excellent work here.

1928: England in Color

Using a process called “Autochrome”. These are pretty great!

Fast Food Maps

A Google Maps setup that shows the geographic distribution of fast food locations in the United States. It’s about what you might expect. I wonder if we check back in 10 years what it will look like…

Tank Trouble

If you’re (ahem) old like me you may remember that the original Atari console came with a game very much like this. Well it’s back, sort of. Very addictive.

Bonus Link!

I Love TV Intros

A collection of TV intro segments from the 1940’s to the 2000’s. An odd collection created without further background. Enjoy!

My sporadic holiday gift guide continues with the “Agenda 2016” daytimer. Yes, it’s a paper daytimer for day-to-day use, but it comes packed with obscure facts like “It rains diamonds on Jupiter” and “95% of the ocean remains unexplored,” all of which helps to inject some perspective into your busy day. Only 22 Euros.

Or for little ones, this Kampini, a mini camper van from Germany’s KickPack-shop. Only 79 Euros. Adorable.

See you next week everybody!


November 13th, 2015


… The Thirteenth! [orchestra!]

And time for your Friday (the 13th) Links!

Here we go…

Travis Durden: Oeuvres

French artist Travis Durden mashes up renaissance marble sculpture and Star Wars characters. These are breathtaking.

Making the rounds (galore!) but there is definitely some excellent work here.

Antoine Geiger: SUR FAKE

“This research echoes the SUR-FACE project. It is placing the screen as an object of ‘mass subculture’, alienating the relation to our own body, and more generally to the physical world.”

Somewhat disturbing, but good work.

Alex Stephen Teuscher: Visions Of Angkor: A Trek Through Time

Swiss-American photographer Alex Teuscher chose abandoned temples in Cambodia as his subject. The results are pretty beautiful.

Reaction Time Test

This game guesses your age (sort of) based on your reaction time to a sudden stop sign while driving.

It’s pretty addictive. (And I was at one point rated at 71 years old.)

Bonus Link!

A lorem ipsum generator using Donald Trump speeches as the seed.

A couple of great reads this week.

Aziz Ansari on Acting, Race and Hollywood [self explanatory]

Conversations with North Koreans by Christopher Carothers is an insightful series of discussions with ordinary citizens of the Hermit Kingdom. A really interesting read.

And finally: the UCSB has made a significant library of wax cylinder recordings available online for free. Recording history nerds: rejoice!

And that brings us to the end of this week’s Friday Links.

See you again next week.


November 6th, 2015

It is Friday! And the first Friday in November. And where I live it is still unseasonably warm.

But enough about that: To the links!

I Spent 4 Months Hand-Cutting A Paper Microbe

“Measuring 44 inches/112cms in length, it is half a million times bigger than the ecoli bacteria upon which it is based.”

Artist Rogan Brown hand crafted a paper sculpture of an e-coli bacterium.

“Measuring 44 inches/112cms in length, it is half a million times bigger than the ecoli bacteria upon which it is based.”

Holy cow! If you don’t have the images to inform you of the detail of this it’s difficult to imagine what it might look like. This is fantastic. (And daunting.)

Leroy Bellet Photography

Leroy Bellet is a 16 year old (16 YEAR OLD!) photographer from Ulladulla, Australia who likes to photograph surfers in barrel waves. His work is really impressive, especially for his age.

Gif Dance Party

I know what you’re thinking: at last!

Sent along by Traci T. (Who is obsessed.)


A rather challenging game where you catch and release a rope and try to swing your way through levels. Quite difficult but pretty entertaining too.

Bonus Link!



A fake desktop environment based on an iconic YouTube video from a few years ago.

Kind of funny. 🙂 A bit of an HTML5 achievement as well.

I realized that I’ve been lax in my countdown shopping recommendations for the impending holidays, so here is this week’s entry.

Hotel Notepads! Perhaps some movie nerd you know would love to receive some of these specially crafted notepads based on specific hotels from iconic films (including the Overlook Hotel from The Shining.) They’re made and shipped from the UK so the shipping could ding you, but that only makes it that much more unique.

I’ll see you next week, Friday fans. Have a great weekend.