November 13th, 2015


… The Thirteenth! [orchestra!]

And time for your Friday (the 13th) Links!

Here we go…

Travis Durden: Oeuvres

French artist Travis Durden mashes up renaissance marble sculpture and Star Wars characters. These are breathtaking.

Making the rounds (galore!) but there is definitely some excellent work here.

Antoine Geiger: SUR FAKE

“This research echoes the SUR-FACE project. It is placing the screen as an object of ‘mass subculture’, alienating the relation to our own body, and more generally to the physical world.”

Somewhat disturbing, but good work.

Alex Stephen Teuscher: Visions Of Angkor: A Trek Through Time

Swiss-American photographer Alex Teuscher chose abandoned temples in Cambodia as his subject. The results are pretty beautiful.

Reaction Time Test

This game guesses your age (sort of) based on your reaction time to a sudden stop sign while driving.

It’s pretty addictive. (And I was at one point rated at 71 years old.)

Bonus Link!

A lorem ipsum generator using Donald Trump speeches as the seed.

A couple of great reads this week.

Aziz Ansari on Acting, Race and Hollywood [self explanatory]

Conversations with North Koreans by Christopher Carothers is an insightful series of discussions with ordinary citizens of the Hermit Kingdom. A really interesting read.

And finally: the UCSB has made a significant library of wax cylinder recordings available online for free. Recording history nerds: rejoice!

And that brings us to the end of this week’s Friday Links.

See you again next week.