January 15th, 2016

Good  afternoon everybody.

It’s been quite the week hasn’t it?

I do believe it is time for your Friday Links!

Let’s go!

Powerball Lottery Simulator

a.k.a.: precisely how you will probably lose.

The Life of Poo

“In the Life of Poo, you can type in an address in San Francisco and see where your toilet waste flows.

An odd little virtual tool. And… I guess now you know all about that. You’re welcome.


Photographer Lucea Spinelli creates these animated works using light and natural or interior spaces. They’re quite striking.


Try to keep in orbit for as long as possible. I like this one.

Bonus Link!

Molecule Quilts

“As an offshoot of my work creating renderings of molecules for my Molecules book, I developed Mathematica code to turn MOL files into various pretty forms, including nice sort-of-physics based glows around the structure diagrams.

Naturally I decided to extend this code to create quilting and embroidery patterns.”

They look pretty great!

So there we go.

Have a great weekend everybody. Stay warm!