February 5th, 2016

Welcome to our First February Friday of 2016.

And your Friday Links!

Ready? Here we go…


You choose a variety of criteria and this site uses a bunch of resources to recommend movies to you. This works best (of course) in the US, but it’s still a great discovery resource for the film nerd in all of us.

Deep Forger

“Send me your creative photos and I’ll forge them (legally) in the style of famous painters.”

This is a “bot powered by deep neural networks and an Encyclopedia of Art,” and the results are pretty interesting.

Sent in by Emily J.

The Infinite Jukebox

The Infinite Jukebox
The Infinite Jukebox

“For when your favorite song just isn’t long enough”

Choose a song, let it do some processing to find “pathways”, and it creates an infinite loop that isn’t usually too repetitive on its own.

This is an interesting piece of technology. Well done.


A goofy, bouncy little arcade platformer. Fun. (Caution: music.)

Bonus Link!

Slap Kirk

[self explanatory]

Bizarre! And, yes, you can also slap Spock.

Well that went fast. I hope your weekend is super-cool.

See you next Friday!