March 25th, 2016

Welcome to (good) Friday! (if you’re into that kind of thing.)

Look! Some links!

Asya Kozina

This artist from St. Petersburg, Russia creates beautiful, very intricate 1790’s-style wigs and gowns (among other things) out of paper.

I love these!

Thorne Miniature Rooms

Thorne Miniature Rooms

A series of lovingly detailed micro versions of ornate rooms throughout history, created by 1930’s Chicago artist Mrs. James Ward Thorne.

Some great back-story available here.

These are just beautiful.


A pretty fun, clever little beat creation tool. Use your computer keyboard to create and layer beats and loops.

Pretty great!


A fun little pool-ball sort of game. You fire red balls to knock out yellow balls. Then they fire back. The one who knocks out the opposing color wins.

Harder than it sounds.

Sent in by Traci T. (Who is addicted.)

Bonus Link!

God’s Website

This is an odd little site, and a real hog on browser memory. It scans twitter for mentions of the word “God” and outputs the tweet content, then also somehow has that affect both a 3D animation and the music that is generated. You can control which instruments are part of your own mix of the sound created.

No other information provided. A pretty odd but interesting site.

And there you go! Another Friday all wrapped up!

Have a lovely Spring weekend everybody.


March 18th, 2016


This weekend is the beginning of Spring in my hemisphere of the world.

This excites me!

Almost as much knowing that today is Friday!

Links time!!

My Burrito Finder!

(With an exclamation point!)

Pretty self explanatory. Enter your location (or let your browser share your current location) and this site will find you the top-rated burritos available near you.

I know what you’re saying: at last!

Movie Scenes Before-and-After Special Effects

Movie Scenes Before-And-After Special Effects

There are some oddly funny shots in here. It’s fascinating the transformation, though. So much preparation is needed.

Sent along by Matt S.

My Pi Day

Enter your birth date in your numerical format of choice and this site will find thatsequence of digits as it appears within 10,000 digits of Pi.

Their “About” page shows some pretty comprehensive math to support how they do this.

Is This Prime?

Try to guess, during a short countdown, whether a number is prime or not.

Stressful! But fun-ish.

Sent in by Jess L.

Bonus Link!


A clever series of animated gifs which depict ancient Japan if modern technology was present at that time.

Sponsored in part by NEC.

And that’s it!

Have a great weekend everybody.


March 11th, 2016

Friday! It’s back again.

And where I live, this weekend we switch back to Daylight Savings Time (yawn!!)

And now: some links!

Christopher Cline: Juji, his giant dog

Photographer Christopher Cline photoshops his dog into photographs, only at several times his normal size.

His Instagram has many more as well. It’s making the rounds and it’s delightful.

The Coffee Drip Printer

Coffee Drip Printer

Ted Kinsmen from the Rochester Institute of Technology has created a really interesting way of printing pixel / pointillist images using coffee, and red wine, and ink, and any other coloured ink.

Swarm Simulation

You control how many, how close together, and other parameters, and then this little web installation takes it from there.

It’s kind of mesmerizing.

Neon Rocket

A somewhat challenging side-scroller. Uniquely designed.

Bonus Link!

Chocolate Cumberbunny

There are only 3 days before you can’t order this unique Easter bunny made in the likeness of Benedict Cumberbatch. (It’s from the UK.)

It’s made by the Chocolatician, who make other great artistic confections. Great work. (And probably delicious.)

And there we are! Another Friday wrapped up.

See you next week everybody!


March 4th, 2016

Hooray for Friday, everybody. We did it!

Okay links time…

Instagram: Mezesmanna


This Hungarian artist decorates cookies and biscuits using many of the same techniques required for delicate embroidery. Several subscribers sent me this and I was not disappointed. Just gorgeous work. I wonder how people feel eating such great, creative work.

Slim Jim Studios: NYC Gifathon

“I spent a month in New York City where I animated a new GIF every day for 30 days, inspired by something that happened during my stay.”

These are great! So is most of his other work.

Cosmos Infographic Book: High Jump

One of numerous fun little web experiments to describe the variety of environments in our solar system and beyond. This shows the differences in gravity between Earth and other planets and moons in our solar system. Fun! (And educational.)

Colonel Quest

This is a game that claims to be “historically accurate”, and based on the biography of KFC’s Colonel Harland Sanders. It’s been making the rounds and is pretty weird but fun. At least one blog has referred to it as part of KFC’s “hipster makeover”. So… yeah. That’s a thing now too.

Bonus Link!

Kyle Bean: In Anxious Anticipation

“A collaboration with Aaron Tilley for Kinfolk magazine. I constructed a series of setups using a variety of materials and props that evoke a feeling of apprehension.”


As far as reads that caught my eye this week: here’s a handy guide on how to move to Canada in the event the US election doesn’t turn out the way you hoped. Informative!

And Gawker has a pretty excellent piece on how they fooled Donald Trump into retweeting quotes from Mussolini. Gold!

And that’s all I’ve got.

Have a great weekend!