March 18th, 2016


This weekend is the beginning of Spring in my hemisphere of the world.

This excites me!

Almost as much knowing that today is Friday!

Links time!!

My Burrito Finder!

(With an exclamation point!)

Pretty self explanatory. Enter your location (or let your browser share your current location) and this site will find you the top-rated burritos available near you.

I know what you’re saying: at last!

Movie Scenes Before-and-After Special Effects

Movie Scenes Before-And-After Special Effects

There are some oddly funny shots in here. It’s fascinating the transformation, though. So much preparation is needed.

Sent along by Matt S.

My Pi Day

Enter your birth date in your numerical format of choice and this site will find thatsequence of digits as it appears within 10,000 digits of Pi.

Their “About” page shows some pretty comprehensive math to support how they do this.

Is This Prime?

Try to guess, during a short countdown, whether a number is prime or not.

Stressful! But fun-ish.

Sent in by Jess L.

Bonus Link!


A clever series of animated gifs which depict ancient Japan if modern technology was present at that time.

Sponsored in part by NEC.

And that’s it!

Have a great weekend everybody.