April 29th, 2016

Friday has returned, in all its linky goodness.

And we bid farewell to April 2016. Maybe now it can finally begin to actually get warm (where I am.)

Here we go!



“How was the map created?

UCL EI took data showing location and speed of ships and cross-checked it with another database to get the vessel characteristics, such as engine type and hull measurements.”

There are several ways to view this map too. Extremely detailed.


An obsessively detailed data-centric breakdown of Game of Thrones laying out projections on who the most and least popular characters are, who is most likely to die next (note: spoiler potential.) It was the result of a JavaScript course taught at the Technische Universität Müunchen (Technical University of Munich)

Some great work here.

The Overlook Hotel

A fairly obsessive blog curating all things related to or inspired by Kubrick’s The Shining. I had no idea how many places this kept cropping up. Carpeting. Skateboards. And of course an exhaustive list of film memorabilia. Really great.


Have you heard of the crazy addictive and frustrating game Desert Golfing?

This is a web-based, multiplayer version of that. It’s addictive and challenging. And kind of funny.

Bonus Link!

Classic Programmer Paintings

Technological dilemmas depicted through classic art. This is Decidedly nerdy, but if you work with computer systems for a living (as I do) these are pure gold.

There are your Friday Links. All done. Finished.

Have a great day, and a great weekend.


April 22nd, 2016

Welcome to your Friday Links!

Also: in two more months it will be Summer. 🙂

So here we go…


Choose a country, choose a decade, and music will start playing that apparently represents that country and era. Definitely an interesting exploratory music discovery tool.

2001 A Gif Odyssey

2001 a Gif Odyssey

The iconic Kubrick sci-fi movie, depicted in gif format.

Hurry! The lawyers are coming!

Polygraph: Film Dialogue

“Lately, Hollywood has been taking so much shit for rampant sexism and racism. The prevailing theme: white men dominate movie roles.
But it’s all rhetoric and no data, which gets us nowhere in terms of having an informed discussion. How many movies are actually about men?”

This is another impressive examination of data which breaks down film dialogue from 2000 screenplays by gender and age. The way they use graphs to display this information is honestly inspiring.

People Who Accidentally Dressed Like Their Surroundings

[self explanatory]


Bonus Link!

Joe Patten’s Fox Theatre Apartment

“Joe Patten was born on February 9th, 1927, and he lives in Atlanta’s Fox Theatre, which was opened on December 25th, 1929. Thirty-five years ago, Joe was granted rent-free, lifetime occupancy of a deluxe Moorish-style apartment by the Fox Theatre trustees.”

Mr. Patten unfortunately passed away on April 7th, 2016, but I mean LOOK at this apartment (and theatre, and everything.)


This has been another Friday Links release. Thanks for playing along at home everybody.

Have a lovely weekend.


April 15th, 2016

Welcome back.

It’s Friday!

And officially Mid-April. Only 67 more days until Summer… (ahhhh)

But enough about that! To the links!!


This site shows you a randomly selected image from WikiHow, and you have to guess the topic that image is used in.

This is a pretty challenging test. I did okay on it but apparently that is not too common.

Sent in by Kate S.

Canon Outside of Auto

Confused by concepts like f-stop, aperture and ISO? This neat little tool will teach you how to use each of them. You may never use full-auto again.

(Note: This is actually not brand-specific)



Italian-American artist Gianluca Gimini gets strangers to draw a bicycle from memory, then creates 3d models of the crazy or more interesting ones.

It’s a pretty cool idea.


“The Postapocalyptic Zombie Survival Game set in your neighborhood.”

You choose a starting point on a google map, and this site tells you your options and progress as you try to fight your way across town. You can start in your own neighborhood, or choose any global location. I didn’t last very long, but perhaps you’ll do better.

Bonus Link!

Lego Albums

Album covers rendered in what appears to be 8-bit Lego layouts. Cleverly done.

Have a happy Friday everybody!


April 8th, 2016

Hey buddy, your Friday’s here where do you want me to put it?

Here we go…

50 cents

50 cents

“This is our Really Big Coin. It is big because it makes other things look small when photographed next to it.”

Oslo-based design studio Skrekkøgle shows the process of milling their own 50 cent euro coin for the purposes of creating an in-camera illusion. Great stuff! Note: you can also download the 3d model and create your own.

Wonder and Mystery Spots – Where the Laws of Natural Gravity Seem to be Repealed

Note: some pretty glaring spelling and grammatical errors on this page, but it’s a cool little find.

These are two tourist attractions from the 1950s where you could take puzzling photographs which appear to bend the rules of physics.

You can still visit the Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz, CA, but the Wonder Spot (formerly in Lake Delton, WI) closed down in 2006.

The Next Rembrandt

“Blurring the boundaries between art and technology, we set out on a challenge to see if the great Master can be brought back to life to create a new painting”

ING and Microsoft collaborate to create a “new” Rembrandt painting using artificial intelligence and deep learning.

“Blurring the boundaries between art and technology, we set out on a challenge to see if the great Master can be brought back to life to create a new painting”

I think this is fascinating! The video is also worth a look.

Swing By

A very challenging but also fun game (also available for mobile) involving orbital physics. You have to force a planet into a variety of different orbits to circle around different targets and collect prizes and money.

It’s difficult but satisfying.

Bonus Link!

Peter Schafrick: Toys

Photographer and artist Peter Schafrick takes a variety of toys (Barbie dolls, balls, plastic wrenches, etc.,) dips them in paint, spins them, and photographs the results.

He’s worked on some pretty high profile product campaigns. This is what he does for fun. 🙂

Also hey how about those Panama Papers hey? Eeeeeeeyikes!

And that is that! And see you next week.


April 1st, 2016


Just like that.

And Friday!

And links!

Antarctic Heritage Trust: Ross Sea Party Lost Photos

Antarctic Heritage Trust: Ross Sea Party Lost Photos

“The Trust’s conservation specialists, working in expedition photographer Herbert Ponting’s darkroom at Scott’s 1911 Cape Evans expedition base, discovered a small box that held cellulose nitrate negatives that were clumped together.”

Think about that: 100+ year old negatives, recovered now, carefully separated and the viable ones scanned.

That is a little mind-blowing.

Press release here, Petapixel breakdown here.

Burrito Makes Three

“Ella and MK met while doing comedy in sunny Austin, Texas. They are raising their beautiful burrito and living, learning, and laughing all along the way.”

Lovingly photographed by Erin Holsonback, Ella and MK Paulsen decided to make a newborn gallery, using a burrito instead of a newborn baby.

Insane maybe, but certainly funny.

Street Art Creator

Unleash your inner Banksy and create some street art of your own.

You can download or post to Facebook, but there doesn’t appear to be any gallery output. I bet there are some very talented virtual-street-artists out there.


A mesmerizing, addictive “snake”-like game where you eat dots to grow larger and attempt to not get eaten. It’s multiplayer and it ate up a few hours of my day.

If they had a PS4 version I would probably get it. A great find by Jacqui M.

Bonus Link!

ChickenScrawlings: Type Hype Berlin

Type Hype is a typography-inspired store in Berlin, Germany that sells old-school movable type ephemera as well as housewares and (!) custom chocolates.

I know several people who might blow their budget at this store.

You are welcome.

And now some reads!

MessyNessyChic has an amazing story about a 1969-1970 affair recounted through found items in an abandoned suitcase. Random, but interesting.

And how about those leaked oil industry emails? Corruption you say? I am shocked!

Have a great weekend everybody! Warm weather soon (in my region of the world.)

Happy Friday!