April 1st, 2016


Just like that.

And Friday!

And links!

Antarctic Heritage Trust: Ross Sea Party Lost Photos

Antarctic Heritage Trust: Ross Sea Party Lost Photos

“The Trust’s conservation specialists, working in expedition photographer Herbert Ponting’s darkroom at Scott’s 1911 Cape Evans expedition base, discovered a small box that held cellulose nitrate negatives that were clumped together.”

Think about that: 100+ year old negatives, recovered now, carefully separated and the viable ones scanned.

That is a little mind-blowing.

Press release here, Petapixel breakdown here.

Burrito Makes Three

“Ella and MK met while doing comedy in sunny Austin, Texas. They are raising their beautiful burrito and living, learning, and laughing all along the way.”

Lovingly photographed by Erin Holsonback, Ella and MK Paulsen decided to make a newborn gallery, using a burrito instead of a newborn baby.

Insane maybe, but certainly funny.

Street Art Creator

Unleash your inner Banksy and create some street art of your own.

You can download or post to Facebook, but there doesn’t appear to be any gallery output. I bet there are some very talented virtual-street-artists out there.


A mesmerizing, addictive “snake”-like game where you eat dots to grow larger and attempt to not get eaten. It’s multiplayer and it ate up a few hours of my day.

If they had a PS4 version I would probably get it. A great find by Jacqui M.

Bonus Link!

ChickenScrawlings: Type Hype Berlin

Type Hype is a typography-inspired store in Berlin, Germany that sells old-school movable type ephemera as well as housewares and (!) custom chocolates.

I know several people who might blow their budget at this store.

You are welcome.

And now some reads!

MessyNessyChic has an amazing story about a 1969-1970 affair recounted through found items in an abandoned suitcase. Random, but interesting.

And how about those leaked oil industry emails? Corruption you say? I am shocked!

Have a great weekend everybody! Warm weather soon (in my region of the world.)

Happy Friday!