April 15th, 2016

Welcome back.

It’s Friday!

And officially Mid-April. Only 67 more days until Summer… (ahhhh)

But enough about that! To the links!!


This site shows you a randomly selected image from WikiHow, and you have to guess the topic that image is used in.

This is a pretty challenging test. I did okay on it but apparently that is not too common.

Sent in by Kate S.

Canon Outside of Auto

Confused by concepts like f-stop, aperture and ISO? This neat little tool will teach you how to use each of them. You may never use full-auto again.

(Note: This is actually not brand-specific)



Italian-American artistĀ Gianluca Gimini gets strangers to draw a bicycle from memory, then creates 3d models of the crazy or more interesting ones.

It’s a pretty cool idea.


“The Postapocalyptic Zombie Survival Game set in your neighborhood.”

You choose a starting point on a google map, and this site tells you your options and progress as you try to fight your way across town. You can start in your own neighborhood, or choose any global location. I didn’t last very long, but perhaps you’ll do better.

Bonus Link!

Lego Albums

Album covers rendered in what appears to be 8-bit Lego layouts. Cleverly done.

Have a happy Friday everybody!