August 12th, 2016

Hooray for Friiiiiday!

Let’s get to it!

Sergio Odeith: Anamorphic Art

Sergio Odeith: Anamorphic Art

These look amazing! I would love to see them in person.


A free online “art” tool where you can create designs which can then be rated, archived and downloaded on the site.

There are some really beautiful designs already. Love it.

Sent in by Taylor M.

FQWImages: Time In Motion

Qi Wei Fong is a fine arts photographer based in Singapore. He makes some really beautiful animated gifs of time-based processes like sunsets.

It’s difficult to describe. They look amazing. There are other works on his site.

Space Plan

Sort of a sci-fi game, sort of an interactive “thing”. You create a bunch of tools using a sort of spacecraft themed interface. It’s also funny!

Bonus Link!

Variance Explained: Text analysis of Trump’s Tweets

Analysis of Donald Trump’s tweets using a customized Twitter feed analyzer, with explanations and code. Some pretty interesting analysis.

This has been making the rounds. I’m a nerd, so I find it fascinating.

Happy Friday everybody!