September 2nd, 2016

And just like that: it’s September.

And! It’s Friday. And where I live: a long weekend. (Hopefully for you as well.)

Links time!

Printed by Somerset

This is the corporate website of Somerset, a company based out of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada that does vintage style letterpress and other styles of printing.

The site was created using HTML5 and a lot of clever design choices. Really excellently done.


A web based synth, using geometric… things. You can compose songs with it. For example this… whatever it is. 🙂 (Song? Work? Opus?)

Making the rounds, and very interesting.


“An open-source JavaScript library for world-class 3D globes and maps”

Wow. If you play with this thing for a while you get a pretty good idea of the sheer volume of options that exist for any map implementation in the 21st century (so far, anyway.)

And it’s not just for “simple” Google-earth-style views of our planet. Check this out to see what I mean.

Pretty great.

Gun Blood

A pretty challenging old-west gun-duel game.

It takes a bit of getting used to but it’s certainly addictive.

Bonus Link!

Jennifer McCurdy: Wheel Thrown Ceramic

Jennifer McCurdy: Wheel Thrown Porcelain

Ms. McCurdy creates what appear to be semi-organic shapes using ceramics, a process that can’t be easy at all. To whit:

“Each piece is thrown by hand on the potter’s wheel, then altered, carved and incised, one at a time, then fired to cone 10 (2350 degrees), so there are welcome variations in size and shape.”

They’re beautiful!

There you have it. Happy Friday everybody!