October 28th, 2016

At last: Friday!

And it’s Hallowe’en Weekend!

And we have some links for you to check out!

Google Maps Streetview Player

[self explanatory]

Select a start and destination, then pick your speed and watch as this nifty app shows you the trip progress in streetview and map view.

337 Songs That Changed Your Life

…and not for the better.

“Dear Twitter. What is the song you most detest and despise?”

Quite the list. I won’t spoil it for you.

Atlas Obscura: We Put All 10,000 Places In The Atlas On One Map

[self explanatory]

Amazingly done. Lots to explore here.

Pumpkin Archer

Hooooly challenging game (to me.) Super fun though.

Bonus Link!

Things I Have Drawn

Things I Have Drawn

“My name’s Dom and I’ve joined Instagram to show how amazing at drawing I am”

Dom is a child and draws his version of animals and other things he sees. Dom’s dad recreates these as photo-realistically as possible.

These are gold!

So happy Friday everybody! And have a lovely Hallowe’en!

See you in a week.


October 21st, 2016

Friday arrival achieved. Check all systems before exit.

Here we go…

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

The finalists for 2016 are in, and they are awesome. 🙂

The Spells of Harry Potter

“Every spell muttered, flicked, and yelled in the Harry Potter book universe, visualized at occurrence position.”

Obsessive. 🙂

Secret Songwriters Behind The Biggest Hits

A data visualization tool for songwriters who write hit songs for specific artists.

By no means comprehensive, but it’s interesting, and well designed. I guess Max Martin would be a whole visualization of his own… (shrug.)

Parking Fury 2

Park the car, that’s it. It starts off very easy. But very quickly becomes frustratingly challenging.

You’re welcome, America.

Bonus Link!

Now Playing

A “Wall-Mounted 12″ Record Holder”

“Part of the beauty of owning vinyl is the artwork. Too often it sits in a crate. It should be displayed. Now Playing is a wall-mounted holder for your vinyl that displays the cover in all it’s glory. It holds 12″ records up to 3/8″ thick.”

A bit pricey at $80 but a great idea.

And there we go! All wrapped up, yessirree!

Have a lovely Autumn weekend everybody.


October 14th, 2016

We have arrived… at Friday!

My favorite day.

Here are some sites to check out…

The Earth Awaits

A site that helps you choose an affordable city (or town, or what have you) to live in and / or retire on a budget, anywhere in the world. It has some great research behind it, and the user interface is clean and effective. Nicely done.

Eruptions, Earthquakes and Emissions

Eruptions, Earthquakes and Emissions

An interactive map which animates any volcanic eruption or major emission of energy or pollution in the past 56 years.

Actual Film Votive

“We’re 3 projectionists who work in NYC and over the years have become unwitting collectors, because we didn’t have the heart to see film thrown out. This past year we decided to make our Christmas gifts.  We took a film cell from an old movie and embedded it onto a candle votive.”

These are great! (And Xmas is coming…)

Also available on Etsy.

Hanger 2

A sequel to the swinging / releasing / climbing game from a couple of years ago.

Addictive. Funny! Comically violent.

Bonus Link!


Artfully created taxidermy made completely of paper.

Also, you can buy them.

Great idea.

This has been your Friday Links.

Thanks for joining in.

See you next week.


October 7th, 2016

Well hello there, Friday Fans!

Fannnnncy meeting you here. This weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving. Yes, it’s a thing.

But first we need to visit some links, so let’s get to it!

Dark Sky

Dark Sky

They previously only existed as a mobile app. Now it’s available for your browser. A great meteorology resource.

OneZoom Tree Of Life Explorer

“OneZoom is an interactive map of the evolutionary relationships between the species on our planet. Explore the diversity of life on Earth, and discover your favourites on our tree of life.”

This is an immense site. If you’re interested in this stuff (and I am) it can eat up hours of your life.

What Hallowe’en Was Like The Year You Were Born

An interesting retrospective.


A surprisingly addictive web-based tennis game. You can mess around with the stats in exhibition mode, which can make for some odd game-play. I like it.

Sent in by Alyssa H.

Bonus Link!

How to Draw a Pig


Hey btw you can look at a certain resume as well. (So a bonus, bonus link.)

And there we go! All set up.

Have a lovely (long?) weekend everybody.