October 14th, 2016

We have arrived… at Friday!

My favorite day.

Here are some sites to check out…

The Earth Awaits

A site that helps you choose an affordable city (or town, or what have you) to live in and / or retire on a budget, anywhere in the world. It has some great research behind it, and the user interface is clean and effective. Nicely done.

Eruptions, Earthquakes and Emissions

Eruptions, Earthquakes and Emissions

An interactive map which animates any volcanic eruption or major emission of energy or pollution in the past 56 years.

Actual Film Votive

“We’re 3 projectionists who work in NYC and over the years have become unwitting collectors, because we didn’t have the heart to see film thrown out. This past year we decided to make our Christmas gifts.  We took a film cell from an old movie and embedded it onto a candle votive.”

These are great! (And Xmas is coming…)

Also available on Etsy.

Hanger 2

A sequel to the swinging / releasing / climbing game from a couple of years ago.

Addictive. Funny! Comically violent.

Bonus Link!


Artfully created taxidermy made completely of paper.

Also, you can buy them.

Great idea.

This has been your Friday Links.

Thanks for joining in.

See you next week.