October 21st, 2016

Friday arrival achieved. Check all systems before exit.

Here we go…

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

The finalists for 2016 are in, and they are awesome. ๐Ÿ™‚

The Spells of Harry Potter

“Every spell muttered, flicked, and yelled in the Harry Potter book universe, visualized at occurrence position.”

Obsessive. ๐Ÿ™‚

Secret Songwriters Behind The Biggest Hits

A data visualization tool for songwriters who write hit songs for specific artists.

By no means comprehensive, but it’s interesting, and well designed.ย I guess Max Martin would be a whole visualization of his own… (shrug.)

Parking Fury 2

Park the car, that’s it. It starts off very easy. But very quickly becomes frustratingly challenging.

You’re welcome, America.

Bonus Link!

Now Playing

A “Wall-Mounted 12″ Record Holder”

“Part of the beauty of owning vinyl is the artwork. Too often it sits in a crate. It should be displayed. Now Playing is a wall-mounted holder for your vinyl that displays the cover in all it’s glory. It holds 12″ records up to 3/8″ thick.”

A bit pricey at $80 but a great idea.

And there we go! All wrapped up, yessirree!

Have a lovely Autumn weekend everybody.