October 28th, 2016

At last: Friday!

And it’s Hallowe’en Weekend!

And we have some links for you to check out!

Google Maps Streetview Player

[self explanatory]

Select a start and destination, then pick your speed and watch as this nifty app shows you the trip progress in streetview and map view.

337 Songs That Changed Your Life

…and not for the better.

“Dear Twitter. What is the song you most detest and despise?”

Quite the list. I won’t spoil it for you.

Atlas Obscura: We Put All 10,000 Places In The Atlas On One Map

[self explanatory]

Amazingly done. Lots to explore here.

Pumpkin Archer

Hooooly challenging game (to me.) Super fun though.

Bonus Link!

Things I Have Drawn

Things I Have Drawn

“My name’s Dom and I’ve joined Instagram to show how amazing at drawing I am”

Dom is a child and draws his version of animals and other things he sees. Dom’s dad recreates these as photo-realistically as possible.

These are gold!

So happy Friday everybody! And have a lovely Hallowe’en!

See you in a week.