November 4th, 2016

Hello Friday Fans!

This is the last Friday before the US presidential election.

What will all our future Fridays be like? I guess (if you’re American) that’s up to you now.

I remain optimistic. For example: Congratulations, Chicago Cubs! ๐Ÿ™‚

Ok. Here goes! Friday Links Time!

This is How New York City Celebrated Halloween in 1993

[self explanatory]

Not a cellphone in sight! Amazing.

Slightly nsfw in places, but otherwise an outright gas.

A Movie Poster A Day

I’m designing a movie poster every day for 2016.

Created by Pete Majarich who appears to definitely have some design chops.

Sent along by Alfred A.

Jug Cerovic: One Metro World

“Metro maps are much more than mere functional diagrams to me, I consider them works of art that shape our mental image of the city and contribute to an iconic shared identity.

“I have created 40 beautiful and efficient subway maps for 40 metropolises using a common graphic language in order to offer a new perspective as well as a platform for the exploration and enjoyment of the underground world.”

These are beautiful. These were originally a Kickstarter project so it may be super limited edition, but I sure hope not. They’re beautiful.

Paint With Hillary Clinton

Suitably, it resembles a paint program for Windows 95. Nostalgia!

Bonus Link!

Seth Casteel: Pounce

Seth Casteel: Pounce

Seth is a photographer of (primarily) pets in action based out of Venice, CA.

These are great.

Have a happy Friday everyone!

See you all (hopefully) in seven days.