December 2nd, 2016

Welcome! It’s December! It’s (sort of) cold! It’s Fridayyy!

And now it’s links time.

Here we go now.

Money Face Challenge

Money Face Challenge

Almost (almost!) as good as Sleeve Face. Made me laugh.

Infinite Drum Machine

“Sounds are complex and vary widely. This experiment uses machine learning to organize thousands of everyday sounds. The computer wasn’t given any descriptions or tags – only the audio.”

Kind of a weird / random interface. [The programming interface is available here.] Create a drum kit, and loops, out of individual samples of actual drums or just… random objects. Limitless combinations.

Copy Pastry

“3D-Printed Custom Cookie Cutters. Turn your photos into cookies”

Literally just in time for Xmas! Genius idea.

Bubble Spinner

Sort of like an upside down Bubble Bobble, but also with the game board on a wheel.

Challenging! Fun.

Bonus Link!


A fun little image-glitching tool. A *lot* of possibilities here. Nicely done.

Now get out there and Friday it up!

See you in a week.