December 23rd, 2016

Hooray for Friday!

And it’s Chrismukkah weekend! At last. I hope your holiday has started early already.

Here are your Friday Links!

Mack Photography: Parallax

Basically: scroll down. Subtle but beautiful. Wonderfully executed.

Speaking of photography challenges…

New York Skyline 360 Panorama: 20 Gigapixels

This is New York City. This is the largest photo that has ever been made of NYC. The finished spherical image is over 20 Gigapixels in size, at 208000 x 104000 pixels. (This includes the sky, which was shot at a lower focal length than the land.) This photo was shot handheld with a 135mm lens over the course of two days from the top of the Empire State Building. The total number of photos shot was over 2000, and the time needed for shooting was a total of four hours.”

Just lovely. 🙂

Music Map

Enter a musical artist you like and this website will produce a list of artists who are either similar to them or who (perhaps) influenced them. This can definitely lead to some interesting suggestions.

Code Red

A decidedly un-Christmasy side-scrolling game. Very challenging but fun.

Bonus Link!

Blind Ltd.: Rogue One A Star Wars Story

Blind Ltd.: Rogue One A Star Wars Story

A gallery of several of the user interface designs created by this firm for the new Star Wars off-shoot movie.

Beautifully created.

This has been your Friday Links for December 23rd, 2016.

Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays everybody!

See you next week for the last Friday of 2016.