February 17th, 2017

Welcome to Friday!

And your Friday Links (of course.)

Begin! (Bang!)

Whale Synth

A great little browser toy that simulates whale songs with a variety of customizable parameters.

They also created an instrument plugin for Ableton Live. Brilliant!


“The Favelagrafia Project (portuguese for slum photography) brings a new look onto Rio’s favelas.

“A new perspective.

“Here, the slums are shown in a truthful way, by those understanding most about it: its own residents.”

This is a stark but well done photo essay / web installation.

Underwater Photos Of The Year: 2017

Underwater Photos Of The Year: 2017

A great, great selection.

So beautiful. Making the rounds, and justly so.

Y8 Warships

A multiplayer warship game. Navigate and attack other players’ vessels, upgrade and accumulate better armament, etc.

It’s addictive and cartoonish and a good little timewaster.

Bonus Link!

Here are the post-apocalyptic death machines of Fury Road but with googly Pixar eyes

[self explanatory]

Comedian Paul Savage has taken up this new hobby… 🙂

I love it!

And there we have your weekly Friday Links!

Have a lovely weekend everybody!