May 5th, 2017

Happy Cinqo De Mayo!

And of course: Happy Friday!

Let’s look at some links, shall we?

ViewMaster World

ViewMaster World

An exhaustive compendium of many, many ViewMaster reel sets. Not the best design I’ve ever seen but as far as content goes: knock yourself out.

Marketplace: Robot-Proof Jobs

Part article, part report, part quiz. Very interesting.

This day is coming, so it’s best to be aware in advance. 🙂

Motion Exposure

Motion Exposure

Stephen Orlando from Waterloo, Ontario creates these stunning motion-art photographs. There is some great, great work here. Very creative.


1: Pick up paper airplane.
2: Throw paper airplane.
3: Earn points based on bonuses and distance.

Addictive. Cute.

Bonus Link!

Trump’s Ties

Trump's Ties

A whimsical single-use Twitter feed. Some great satirical imagery here.

Also: If you haven’t checked out The Oatmeal lately, I recommend that you should. He’s just great.

And there we go! Allllll linked up for your Friday.

See you next week, Friday people!