September 1st, 2017

Welcome to your Friday, and your links, and your Friday Links!

And where I live: it’s a long weekend! Huzzah!

Here we go…

The Polar Coaster – A Drink Coaster Drawing Machine

The Polar Coaster – A Drink Coaster Drawing Machine

“I designed this machine to draw custom, round drink coasters.”

The mechanical parts are 3d printed, and the electronic parts use arduino with some custom software.

A delightful little project! It is mesmerizing watching it work. I’d love one. (And: xmas is coming…)



[self explanatory]

Somewhat addictive.

Instagif Camera

Instagif Camera

“I built a camera that snaps a GIF and ejects a little cartridge so you can hold a moving photo in your hand! I’m calling it the ‘Instagif NextStep’.”

A pretty involved project, but also kind of neat.


A multiplayer pixel arrangement game. Every time I’ve been on there’s been only three of us. (This screen grab shows me and only one other player.) You have to make shapes within a certain amount of time to earn points.

Definitely challenging. Maybe a bunch of Friday Links members can fill this up. 🙂

Bonus Link!

This is How Canada Talks

This is How Canada Talks

An actually interesting statistical analysis of how Canadians refer to certain things.

A similar map was made a few years back for American names for similar things.

I find it interesting.

And so Happy Friday (eh?)!

Have a great (long?) weekend. (eh?)