December 29th, 2017

Welcome to the final Friday of 2017.

Guys: We made it! Cheers!

And now: your Final Friday Links (for 2017.)



“…We are building Dynamicland as a community space, where the people of Oakland will come to ‘live in the future’ and shape the medium with us”

This is… quite something. Every surface is a potential computing area. Really well done.

Cards Against Humanity’s Pulse Of The Nation

Cards Against Humanity's Pulse Of The Nation

“For the fifth day of Cards Against Humanity Saves America, we used your money to fund one year of monthly public opinion polls. We’ll ask the American people about their social and political views, what they think of the president, and their pee-pee habits.

“In fact, we secretly started polling three months ago. What a delightful surprise!”

A weird range of questions, which is to be expected from Cards Against Humanity. 🙂

Sent in by Jennifer R.

Drunk Pirate

Drunk Pirate

An online drinking game.

Best with more than one person. You are given a randomly selected card and must perform what is stated on the card.

The first person to fail – or meet a criteria – must take a drink.


Just in time for New Year’s! You’re welcome. (Ugh)

Short Life

Short Life

You just try to make it through each level. The animations are funny, and the injuries are rather gory (caution!)

But it’s super fun, and super funny.

It looks like it was made by the same people who gave us QWOP. (But I don’t think it is.)

Bonus Link!

I Hacked HQ Trivia But Here’s How They Can Stop Me

I Hacked HQ Trivia But Here’s How They Can Stop Me

Ever since friends invited me to play this extremely challenging trivia game, I’ve wondered about doing precisely this.

Pretty great / complicated. 🙂

Finally: Were you aware that famed pilot Amelia Earhart was working on her own fashion line? I was not! (The more you know…)

And that’s a wrap on 2017, for Friday Links anyway.

I want to thank all of you for following along with me.

See you next year!


December 22nd, 2017


It’s the second-last Friday in 2017, and I’m so happy to spend this portion of it with you.

And now: some links!

Origamis by Cristian Marianciuc

Origamis by Cristian MarianciucDefinitely also check out his Instagram feed and Etsy shop.

Holy cow these are intricate and just lovely.

Ugly Christmas Sweater

Ugly Christmas Sweater

You can completely create your own godawful xmas sweater using their intuitive interface.

I know: it’s too late now. But I was just sent this and I think it’s cool. 🙂

Ugly Renaissance Babies

Ugly Renaissance Babies[self explanatory]

Merry Christmas! 😉

Slingshot Santa

Slingshot SantaYou have a catapult. Santa is in it. You have to start the catapult moving and then fire Santa across a chasm.

Why? No idea. But it is difficult.

Sent in by Vicki C.

Bonus Link!

New Year’s Music Box

New Year's Music BoxClick one of the circles (orbs?) to change the instrument, modify the volume to suit your own mix tastes, and optionally add an ambient sound effect.

It only plays Auld Lang Syne, and the harmony voicings are… a little weird. But it’s a neat idea.

Finally here is an interesting read about how far ahead Google Maps is from every other online / virtual mapping service: Google Map’s Moat.

Now you are all Friday Linked Up!

Have a lovely Friday, a great weekend, and a very Merry Christmas.


December 15th, 2017

Welcome to Mid-December!

And your Friday Links.

There are now 9 shopping days left until Xmas. Do with that what you will.

“A real-time journey through the Apollo 17 mission.”

aka the last time humans went there, in 1972.

As I write this it is a real-time, moment by moment replay of the entire mission, but after that it will remain an extensive online archive of it.

Some huge heavy lifting must have been needed to gather all this content. I love it.

The Rotten Apples

The Rotten Apples

“The Rotten is a searchable database that lets you know whether or not a film or television show is tied to a person who has been accused of sexual misconduct.”

This is where we are now.

Women To Look Up To

Women To Look Up To

“The Christmas Angel, Fairy, Tree Topper, by whatever name you call her, is a woman from a bygone era; a woman made of no more than plastic and glitter. No wonder, when the Victorians invented her!

“The old dame was due a modern makeover, so we thought why not venerate the real women inspiring us in 2017. Women leading politics, culture, business, who are worthy of wings – the likes of Serena Williams, Beyoncé, and a woman voted for by you.”

These are fantastic!

Santa’s Village: Wrap Battle

Santa's Village: Wrap BattleThink “Parappa The Rapper” but in your browser, and more Xmas-specific.

Definitely an addictive little game. The music is pretty great.

Created by Google as part of their overall “Santa Tracker” campaign. I love it.

Bonus Link!

Buzzfeed: 19 Weird Ways Christmas Was Totally Different 100 Years Ago

19 Weird Ways Christmas Was Totally Different 100 Years Ago

…You mean besides having no Internet, TV or self-driving cars?

It’s an interesting list.

These have been your Friday Links!

Have a lovely weekend everybody!


December 8th, 2017

After today, there are only three more Fridays in 2017!

So let’s make it count people.

Here we go!

Tom Whitwell: 52 things I learned in 2017

Tom Whitwell: 52 things I learned in 2017That’s one thing a week!

“#25: Women are eight times more likely to ask Google if their husband is gay than if he is an alcoholic.”

Some really fascinating learnings here!

h/t kottke

Zacharie Gaudrillot-Roy: Façades

Zacharie Gaudrillot-Roy: Façades“While Gaudrillot-Roy’s original iterations of the series included deconstructed images of urban landscapes by day … his recent explorations highlight buildings whose exteriors are illuminated by one, or several street lights.”

This is kind of haunting. I like it.

Also featured on Collossal.

Tianjin Binhai Library in China

Tianjin Binhai Library in China“Dutch design firm MVRDV has completed the Tianjin Binhai Library in China. Made in collaboration with local architects TUPDI, the 34, 000 square meter space features an otherworldly spherical structure in the centre and mesmerizing undulating bookshelves. It can also hold up to 1.2 million books!”

This is beautiful!

Rush Rush Santa

Rush Rush SantaA pretty straightforward Xmas-themed side-scroller. Fun though!

Bonus Link!

Magnum and the Dying Art of Darkroom Printing

Magnum and the Dying Art of Darkroom Printingaka: How photo post-production worked for nearly a hundred years before Photoshop existed.

Amazing and quite intricate.

Also: This story of how one man managed to make his shed in the UK the #1 rated “restaurant” on TripAdvisor is awesome.

And now you’re all linked up everybody!

Have a lovely Friday. See you next week!


December 1st, 2017 – Xmas Gift Guide Edition 🎁

Hello Friday Friends

Before I begin, yes there are the normal links in this email. But since it’s officially December (I can’t believe it’s December!), and in the US you’re finally past Black Friday / Cyber Monday craziness, we can share international Xmas gift guides.

Most media outlets have one:

In a different vein, I decided a few years ago I was going less gift-giving and more just-plain-old-giving. I urge you to research charities and services in your community who need monetary or personnel assistance, but not just during Xmas. Specifically through January, February and March when the weather is grosser and most people have already forgotten the cheery haze of the Xmas season.

And here are some online suggestions too:

For the UK:

And for my own city:

For whatever specific group of needy people or pets you wish to donate to, Charity Navigator is a helpful resource.

Finally, Syrian refugees most definitely still need assistance, so do the people of Puerto Rico. This has been a hell of a year, but we can also make a hell of a difference.

And now! To the links!

Michael Zavros: Paintings

Michael Zavros: Paintings

Let me say that again: “paintings”.

Meticulously hand-painted photo-realistic images. These are amazing.

Earther: Beneath Antarctica’s Sea Ice, Scientists Discover a Rapidly Changing World

Earther: Beneath Antarctica's Sea Ice, Scientists Discover a Rapidly Changing World

[self explanatory]

Beautiful. Fascinating.

Abby Sy

Abby Sy

“Passionate about both art and travel, Abbey is best known for her hand-lettering work and travel illustrations. She is also Founder and Creative Director of ABC Magazine, a magazine for artists, crafters, and makers.”

Her illustrations are lovely and inspired.

You can buy postcards of her work.

Christmas Furious

Christmas Furious

aka: Slow flappy bird with weird gravity.


Sent in by Mara L.

Bonus Link!

Leah Frances: American Squares

Leah Frances: American Squares

Ms. Frances is a photographer from Vancouver Island who seeks out images of remaining 1950s structures in America. It’s like an online time capsule. Definitely check out her Instagram and portfolio.

And there we go! Your December has officially begun.

Have a lovely Friday and an amazing weekend, everybody!