February 2nd, 2018

Happy Friday!

Happy February!

Happy link discovery time!

Heeeere we go…

Calvin Nicholls Paper Sculpture

Calvin Nicholls Paper Sculpture

This artist from Lindsay, Ontario (Canada) creates some incredible 3-dimensional sculptures of wildlife using paper and a boatload of patience.

These are just beautiful.

A Spacecraft For All

A Spacecraft For All

“In 2014 Dennis Wingo and Keith Cowing formed the ISEE-3 Reboot Project, a crodfunded effort to attempt to get in contact and gain control of the decommissioned spacecraft for the benefit of citizen science.”

I remember hearing about this then. They did it! So this site shows you live data and a bunch of cleverly animated scenarios to show the spacecraft, its current stats, and what it’s doing at the moment.

Mind blowing.

Larry’s Quest

Larry's Quest

For some reason someone (?) made this web thing featuring Leisure Suit Larry (90’s era game character.) For the first bit, you control him. Then… others appear.

It’s a little weird.

Sent in by Tyler C.



Sort of like a take on flappy bird, only you’re “Flying” a bitcoin. Avoid (for some reason) potatoes. It’s just like real cryptocurrency! (not)

Bonus Link!

Ipnot: Embroidered food

Ipnot: Embroidered food

Some pretty incredible, super tiny creations made entirely of thread.

h/t SoBadSoGood

That’s all I have this week. I hope your Friday is awesome.

Only 47 days until Spring, everybody!

Happy Friday.