February 9th, 2018

Happy Friday!

Great to see you all again.

Let’s get to it!

Igor Lipchansky

Igor Lipchansky

On his instagram page, Mr. Lipchansky recreates what’s going on just outside of the frame of several well known album covers.

Hilarious! Also cleverly executed.

Tom Ryaboi: Rooftopping Toronto

Tom Ryaboi: Rooftopping Toronto

Caution: not recommended if you have a fear of heights.

Some breathtaking photography of my city from way, way up.


Christopher David White – HUMAN:NATURE

Christopher David White - HUMAN:NATURE

“American artist manages to give his creations the organic aspect of wood, creating surrealist works of fascinating beauty”

And he does so by creating them out of ceramic.

Not simple. At all. Really beautiful work here.

Monster Breeder

Monster Breeder

An odd little online game. Created by polymath Nick Cicierega.


Bonus Link!

A Miniature Video Store Offers a Tiny Slice of ’90s Life

A Miniature Video Store Offers a Tiny Slice of ’90s Life

As someone who worked in an indie video store, I would also add “a tiny slice of mid-80’s life too.”

This is delightful.

Created by Andrew Glazebrook, who works in makeup effects, props and miniatures for the film industry.

And finally: This discussion of setting up the Super Bowl half-time show is a little mind-blowing.

That’s that! Have a great Friday everybody, and stay warm.