March 16th, 2018

Happy Friday!

Next week = sprrrinnnnng! (in my hemisphere.) I’m pretty excited because this winter has felt… well… super long.

And now! Some links. And this week it appears to be predominantly art-oriented.

Alma Haser: Within 15 Minutes

Alma Haser: Within 15 Minutes

“Alma photographed sets of identical twins and made them into identical jigsaw puzzles. She then swaps every other piece of their puzzles, completely mixing them half and half.”

This is some quite beautiful work.

h/t: kottke

Josef Schulz: Sign out

Josef Schulz: Sign out

“Photographer Josef Schulz created striking images of something typically mundane to most Americans, by taking deadpan photos of roadside corporate signage and removing all branding and text. It is a curious comment on how forms and graphics work together to make something as a whole.”

Exhibit portfolio here.

Diana Sudyka: Postage Stamp Storybook Scenes

Diana Sudyka: Postage Stamp Storybook Scenes

“Chicago-based Illustrator Diana Sudyka uses vintage stamps from Europe as the starting point for fanciful paintings created using gouache, ink, and watercolor.”
Not included on the artist’s website.

This is a weird, 3D-rendered, multiplayer online version of the board game Monopoly.

It’s buggy (the creators even tell you that) but it’s neat.

Invite your friends!

And that’s what I’ve got for you. That’s it. No more. Okay? God!


Happy Friday everybody!