May 18th, 2018

Happy Friday!

And where I live, it’s a long weekend. Whuhoo!

And now, the links.

Legoland Royal Wedding

Legoland Royal Wedding

39,000 bricks to create this diorama of this Saturday’s festivities.

Created by the fine folks at LegoLand Windsor (Of course.)

Not The Moon

Not The Moon

“NOT THE MOON really is a pancake, digitized as a high-res, film quality scan, its texture applied to a true-to-scale sphere representation and virtually photographed with a 600 mm telescopic lens using minimal shutter and small aperture.”

One of the stranger art projects I think I’ve seen but I also love it. A little bit of a prank but definitely still lovely.

“Build, train, and ship custom deep learning models using a simple visual interface.”

This is a fascinating tool.

You have to request to join their beta. No notice anywhere on whether they distribute what your AI learns, etc. Still: super interesting.

Three Seconds

Three Seconds

A hyper challenging game. You have to race to clocks to gain 3 more seconds in the hopes of eventually escaping / conquering / winning.

Stressful! But fun.

And that’s that. That’s it. I have HAD IT! (wait. no… wrong thread.)

Have a lovely Friday, and a lovely (long?) weekend.