July 6th, 2018

Welcome back to Friday!

I know we’re done with all the fireworks etc., but what the hell: set some off anyway this weekend!

But first! Some links.


librairie_mollatThis independent library in Bordeaux started photographing their staff and other people matching up book covers with their faces.

Much like the “sleeveface” epidemic of a few years back using LP covers (covered here a few times.)

It’s pretty great!

h/t: Colossal.

Dead Coins

Dead Coins“A Complete List of ICO Exit Scams & Extinct Coins”

800 and counting. (Probably even more by the time I publish this entry.)

I was not aware of just how many scam bitcoin knock-offs there were. Crazy!

Faces Of Auschwitz

Faces Of Auschwitz“The goal of the project is to honor the memory and lives of Auschwitz-Birkenau prisoners by colorizing registration photographs culled from the museum’s archive and sharing individual stories of those whose faces were photographed.”

Colorization really does make things feel more present, more recent.

This is an important project.

h/t: Nag On The Lake.

Traffic Car Racing

Traffic Car Racing

A little clumsy in its design but it’s certainly a challenging game.

Avoid cars (duh), collect orbs.

Sent in by Amy S.

Bonus Link!

Daily Itinerary Of The Killer In A Slasher Movie

Daily Itinerary Of The Killer In A Slasher Movie

“10:07 PM— I follow a couple of teenagers from the camp into woods. I know what they’re up to and I DON’T LIKE IT.”

And there we go. Links! On a Friday!

I hope your (not long) weekend is fantastic.

Happy July!