July 13th, 2018

Well helloooooo Friday! (…the thirteenth!!) [orchestra]

And welcome, to your Friday Links!

It’s another hot one where I live. Get ready.

Here we go…



This is a blog that documents paper models used in dioramas.

Some of them are quite intricate.

I wish I had this kind of time available to me. 🙂

Torn Apart / Separados

Torn Apart / Separados

“A rapidly deployed critical data & visualization intervention in the USA’s 2018 “Zero Tolerance Policy” for asylum seekers at the US Ports of Entry and the humanitarian crisis that has followed.”

A pretty comprehensive data visualization of the chaotic “zero tolerance” immigration policy currently in place by the US governement.

The credits are worth a look for a breakdown of how this all came together.

Mini Strandbeest Assembly Kit

Mini Strandbeest Assembly Kit

This is a model kit you can build in your own home.

What’s a strandbeest? Here.

2048 Solitaire

2048 Solitaire

The number matching of 2048 with the card stacking of solitaire.

I like it, and I’m also currently terrible at it.

There are mobile versions. You’re welcome.

And that’s what I’ve got. That’s it. Done. Kaput!

Well… for this week anyway.

Have a lovely Friday, and a spectacular weekend.

See you in seven days.