August 31st, 2018

Happy Friday!

We made it. But sadly it’s also the last Friday in August 2018.

Summer: it’s running out!

Here we go!

The Secret Door

The Secret Door

A “Myst”-style discovery game in your browser using random Google street view locations. Pretty much every time you visit this you end up in a completely different location. I like that.

teamLab: The Haze

teamLab: The Haze

“In the centre of the space due to a haze being created a three-dimensional object is born.

“Light Sculpture – Fog series. Reconstruction of ambiguous space with smoke and light, construction of ambiguous solid objects.”

This is beautiful, and I imagine in person it’s also a little overwhelming.

teamLab’s other work is also definitely worth a look.

Not A Single Origin

Not A Single Origin

“Sydney folk come from all corners of the world. We created chocolates to tell the stories of us; where we came from and where we settled.”

This is a chocolate… confection… product… art… data… thing. A collaboration between Small Multiples and Bakedown Cakery, both out of Sydney, Australia.

a) These look delicious

b) The flavour choices are really interesting.

They are available for purchase via the website but as of this writing they are sold out.

A pretty great project. I like.



The point is to slide only one tile so it clears the level.

It gets challenging pretty quickly.

Nicely done!

Have a great, great (long?) weekend everybody.