September 28th, 2018

Happy Friday!

It is already the last Friday in September 2018. That went so fast!

But here we are with some more links to check out. This week there were a lot of very creative artistic finds. I hope you enjoy them. Let’s go!



A fun little tool to combine species.

Kind of cool. Clever little animations.

Rogan Brown: Paper Sculptures

Rogan Brown: Paper Sculptures

Mr. Brown creates large-size paper sculptures which depict microbes or other objects as they appear through a scanning electron microscope. (Plant stems, cells, fossils, etc.)

Really beautiful, inspiring work.

His instagram is worth a follow.

Tom Deninger

Tom Deninger

Mr. Deninger creates what he refers to as “large found object works.”

From afar they look like one distinct thing, but as you get closer they are actually a collection of various items.

The effect is pretty startling.

Also see his Instagram.

h/t: colossal

Neon Flames

Neon Flames

From the palette, select a color.

Then, elsewhere on the screen, click and hold your mouse. A flame will appear and grow.

Repeat until artistic.

An original, beautiful art-making tool.

Bonus Link!

Space Is The Place ISF Example

Space Is The Place ISF Example

A slightly modifiable starfield generator.

I love that this is a thing that can appear in a web browser these days.

These have been your Friday Links!

Have a great weekend everybody.