February 15th, 2019

Happy Friday!

And welcome to your Friday Links! It’s mid-February, and where I live, we get a long weekend. Huzzah!

For whatever reason, this edition is half Dutch. It just worked out that way. Please know that I really did try for three-quarters.

Experience The Night Watch

Experience The Night Watch

An interactive examination of this seminal Rembrandt work presented by the Rijks Museum.

Really beautifully done.

Maptime Amsterdam #5: Street Patterns

Maptime Amsterdam #5: Street Patterns

“This is a tutorial on using OpenStreetMap road data to make physical visualizations using Fablab equipment.”

Search for a specific intersection or area of a map. Generate data from that map, transform that data into an SVG image (and its data) and 3D print that into a model of that intersection. Or print a t-shirt of it. Or whatever else you want to do with it.

A great, fun little idea.

Candida Höfer – In Mexico

Candida Höfer - In Mexico

“Her archetypal images capture the interiors of grand spaces including libraries, theatres, churches and museums—spaces of public congregation that in her photographs are rendered devoid of people.”

This is making the rounds, and currently installed at Sean Kelly in New York.

These are very large format prints covering nearly 600 years of Mexican architecture.

Really beautiful, striking work.



[Flash is required, sorry]

Mario Brothers, but Mario fights Bowser.

Challenging. Well made. I thought it would be a Mortal Combat mashup but sadly, no.

Get out there and have an excellent (long?) weekend everybody!

Happy Friday!