March 29th, 2019

Hello again Friday, and goodbye March 2019.

That was fast!

Links time!

Great Escape

Great Escape

“Escape is an inspirational flight search engine that helps you choose a destination and find the cheapest flight for your next vacation.

“It is developed by the MIT Senseable City Laboratory, Singapore.”

This is how I think I’ll book any flight going forward. Just a seamless, simple experience. Very satisfying.

Recreated Tang-dynasty outfits based on cave paintings

Recreated Tang-dynasty outfits based on cave paintings

Based on murals “From mostly the Mogao Caves“.

Tang Dynasty = 7th – 10th centuries.

These are beautifully realized!

The original Chinese gallery is here and includes further reconstructions based on miniature figures from the era as well.

Vermeer: The complete works

Vermeer: The complete works

“Vermeer’s 36 paintings all in one place”

[self explanatory]

Created by Google Arts and Culture which has a series of other galleries that are also worth a look.

Beautifully done.



While the timer counts down, try to move objects to block entry ways that zombies will try to get in. Then collectively try to last as long as possible when the zombies attack.

It’s definitely a challenging, collaborative multiplayer game.

Bonus Link!

Digital Comic Museum

Digital Comic Museum

“Our mission with this site is providing as close to a free resource as possible where users can easily download public domain golden age comics without the need to ask or worry about searching the net for them.”

I am not a huge comic book guy, but this resource is crazy.

Sent in by Tia T.

Well there we go! Links… es… are done. n.

Happy Friday!

See you next week.