May 10th, 2019

Happy Friday!

Already! Amazing.

Let’s go!

The Coffee Monsters

The Coffee Monsters

“Hello. I’m Stefan Kuhnigk and i create the original coffeemonsters.

Drawings on coffee stains on paper. And this is my very own gallery.”

Mr. Kuhnigk takes coffee splatters and turns them into whimsical cartoon monsters. Really great work.

Instagram of course.

h/t MyModernMet

Two Names KC

Two Names KC

Enter any two names (or really any two words) and this site will create a 3d rotational animation that switches between the two.

Cleverly done!

New Horizon

New Horizon

“In July 2019 Doug Aitken will present NEW HORIZON, a multifaceted art event that challenges the notion of art in the 21st-century. The project is composed of a series of live events across the state of Massachusetts, centered around a stunning reflective hot air balloon and gondola.”

US Only from the looks of it. Beautiful. Probably stunning in person.

Sent along by Kate S.

Planet Defense

Planet Defense

A stressful but well animated “asteroids”-style planet defense game.

Behold my current score. It’s challenging!

And there you go. Frriiiiiiday linked.

See you next (long?) weekend!