June 21st, 2019

I can’t believe Friday is already here!

So good.

And it’s the solstice! So good!!

Okay let’s go…

Why Time Flies

Why Time Flies

“Scroll down to see how time flies”

Expertly designed. Nicely done.

An Orbit Map of the Solar System

An Orbit Map of the Solar System

“This week’s map shows the orbits of more than 18000 asteroids in the solar system. This includes everything we know of that’s over 10km in diameter – about 10000 asteroids – as well as 8000 randomized objects of unknown size. This map shows each asteroid at its exact position on New Years’ Eve 1999.”

Created by Eleanor Lutz.

Includes a link to the code that generated these views.

h/t: kottke.

The Best Road Trips in North America

The Best Road Trips in North America

“From the Canadian Kootenay Rockies to Southwest hot springs, we found the most scenic stretches of road for epic summer adventures”

This is sort of making the rounds. Well researched and beautifully presented, this was suggested by many subscribers. It almost makes me want to get my drivers’ license again. 🙂

Mario Royale

Mario Royale

A massively multiplayer Mario Brothers game.

It is crazy. You see the “ghost” image of your fellow players. All done in the browser.

Created by InfernoPlus.

This is actually a pretty impressive achievement.

And there we are. We have become… Friday Linked…

See you next week everybody. Enjoy your solstice weekend.