July 5th, 2019

Hey it’s Friday!

Short week = fast week. Yay!

And now, to the links!

Delicate, Miniature Sculptures Made From Dandelion Seeds by (euglena)

Delicate, Miniature Sculptures Made From Dandelion Seeds by (euglena)

For real. Dandelion seeds. Crazy!

More of euglena’s works here.

Ableton: Learning Synths

Ableton: Learning Synths

“On this website, you’ll learn the basics of using synthesizers (or synths). No prior experience or equipment is required; you’ll do everything right here in your browser.”

I find this extremely cool.

Costello’s 500

Costello's 500

“From Abba to Zamballarana, and from Mozart to Eminem, one of rock’s finest talents has identified 500 albums essential to a happy life. It was a long, tortuous undertaking, but the man knows music—and his aim is true”

From 2013, but still relevant.

See also: Christopher Nolan’s favourite movies.

Mix Shapes

Mix Shapes

“Fit as many shapes as you can”

Sounds easy!

Similar shapes, if they touch, will be removed.

It’s definitely challenging!

And finally there’s this investigative report on the accuracy of the Domino’s Pizza Tracker. It’s funny, but also pretty rigorous.

Have a lovely Friday!