November 29th, 2019

Happy Friday!

And happy belated Thanksgiving to my American friends.

And that’s the end of November. Hmph.

And now! To the links!

Bruno Simon

Bruno Simon

Bruno Simon is an expert web developer.

His personal site features games completely rendered in HTML.

Very impressive work here.

Suggested by Emma W.

Rogan Brown: Paper Sculptures

Rogan Brown: Paper Sculptures

“This piece is part of a new series of works that mixes hand and laser cutting to create an incredibly detailed and varied visual texture making multiple references: coral, bacteria, pathogens, diatoms, fungi etc…”

These are incredibly complicated, beautiful works.

Just having a little, good, clean fun!

Just having a little, good, clean fun!

“This year, for my Birthday, my husband bought me something I have wanted for years–a Power Washer.”

“I realized that I could do word art in one tenth the time that it would take to power wash the entire driveway and it would allow me to leave most of the dirty part dirty.”

End result: beautiful artwork on people’s driveways.

A pretty great little art project created by artist Dianna Wood.

Makin’ Babies

Makin' Babies


Simple: click on the baby’s face to make more babies. You earn medals for certain thresholds.

Weird, oddly satisfying little game.

There we go! Wrapping up your November with some links.

Next week I’ll have a 2019 holiday shopping and giving list for you. Stay tuned!

Thanks for following along at home.

Happy Friday!


November 15th, 2019

Helloooooo Friday!

Mid-month already. So… so fast! Crazy.

Links time!!



A glass artist from Kyiv, Ukraine blows glass to create small glass spiders.

They’re gorgeous!

Threadless: Street Sheets

Street Sheets

Tokyo street designs on t-shirts, leggings, mats, etc. I like it!

An Original Volkswagen Beetle’s Wheel Hubs Are Turned into Fashionable Mini-Scooters

An Original Volkswagen Beetle's Wheel Hubs Are Turned into Fashionable Mini-Scooters

Aka: “VolksPods”

They look a little weird from a seating stance position. You’d have to lean pretty far forward. But still: great design.

Dodge This

Dodge This

You only get a single shot and must carefully align to take out the tiny Ninjas.

Also check out this bombshell report from about how the Houston Astros may have stolen the 2017 World Series.

Just a crazy report. Making waves.

And that’s your Friday links!

I guess it’s time to say: Happy Holidays!

See you next week, Friday fans!


November 8th, 2019

Well hello there Friday folks.

Here we are: November!

And Friday!

Aaaaaand go!

Hunger For Words

Hunger For Words

anyone interested in dogs, speech therapy, Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), animal psychology, or new ideas. Watch, read, and follow along on this exciting journey of teaching my dog to talk!”

Stella is an 18-month-old “Catahoula / Blue Heeler mix” dog who uses a custom-built soundboard to communicate in English.

This research is fascinating, and ongoing.

There’s a pretty excellent Instagram account as well.

Making the rounds, and rightly so.

The Size Of Space

The Size Of Space

Another virtual display of just how mind-blowingly large some objects in the known universe can be.

Considerable: The Other Side of Sesame Street

Considerable: The Other Side of Sesame Street

Behind the scenes photos and interviews on how they achieved the puppetry for Sesame Street between 1970 and 1971.

It’s a lot more work than you might think. They definitely make it look easy.

A weird multiplayer game where you and others work your way through mazes or other simple puzzles using collaboration and wits.

Suggested by Kate S.

And that’s that, people. All out of links.

Have an excellent weekend everybody.


November 1st, 2019

Happy Friday everybody!

Happy belated Hallowe’en, and happy November!

Only 27 days until the US Thanksgiving, and only 53 shopping days until Christmas.

But also 22 days until #Wolfenoot!

Let’s begin!

Raw And Rendered

Raw And Rendered

“Raw & Rendered is Joey Camacho – a freelance 3D motion and graphic designer based in Vancouver, Canada. He has created conceptual and creative design work professionally for reputable global brands as well as passionate local companies.”

Beautifully realized.

There is also an online shop.

Slave Rebellion Reenactment

Slave Rebellion Reenactment

“On November 8-9, 2019, hundreds of re-enactors will retrace the path of the largest slave rebellion in United States history, embodying a story of resistance, freedom and revolutionary action.”

This would be the German Coast Uprising of 1811 in Louisiana.

I find this super interesting. It’s a harrowing historical event that doesn’t get much coverage ever. You can join in also!

Places of Residence for Accused Witches With Timeline

Places of Residence for Accused Witches With Timeline

An interactive map of Scotland. Caution: It takes some time to full load.

Interesting! It also lists detention areas and torture methods in certain locations.

If you want to learn about a real “witch hunt”, this is a pretty good start.

Crush To Party

Crush To Party

Weird game name.

Sort of a “Wario Wares” style game where you only have seconds to complete one or another task: either crush every object, or click to make it match other objects.

Stressful! But addictive.

And that’s that! November’s first Friday: Linked!

See you next week everybody.