November 29th, 2019

Happy Friday!

And happy belated Thanksgiving to my American friends.

And that’s the end of November. Hmph.

And now! To the links!

Bruno Simon

Bruno Simon

Bruno Simon is an expert web developer.

His personal site features games completely rendered in HTML.

Very impressive work here.

Suggested by Emma W.

Rogan Brown: Paper Sculptures

Rogan Brown: Paper Sculptures

“This piece is part of a new series of works that mixes hand and laser cutting to create an incredibly detailed and varied visual texture making multiple references: coral, bacteria, pathogens, diatoms, fungi etc…”

These are incredibly complicated, beautiful works.

Just having a little, good, clean fun!

Just having a little, good, clean fun!

“This year, for my Birthday, my husband bought me something I have wanted for years–a Power Washer.”

“I realized that I could do word art in one tenth the time that it would take to power wash the entire driveway and it would allow me to leave most of the dirty part dirty.”

End result: beautiful artwork on people’s driveways.

A pretty great little art project created by artist Dianna Wood.

Makin’ Babies

Makin' Babies


Simple: click on the baby’s face to make more babies. You earn medals for certain thresholds.

Weird, oddly satisfying little game.

There we go! Wrapping up your November with some links.

Next week I’ll have a 2019 holiday shopping and giving list for you. Stay tuned!

Thanks for following along at home.

Happy Friday!