December 6th, 2019 – Christmas Gift and Giving Guide (ish)

Welcome to your Friday Links!

This issue is normally the Friday Links Xmas Gift and Giving Guide, but I have unfortunately been too overwhelmed with work and other things going on in my life to properly compose a good one this year.

So, lazily, I am going to instead refer to last year’s guide and add just a few extras.

For the giving part, In Canada, CBC’s Sounds of the Season is on now. Always recommended.

For the gifting part: ThinkGeek, which was my perennial favorite gift guide to link to, has sadly shuttered.

In its place, this year I’ll recommend The Verge’s 2019 Home & Tech Gift Guide 2019 instead. It’s not nearly as good or comprehensive, but it’s what I’ve got.

Apologies for not being able to provide more new material. It is what it is. Happy Holidays!

And now to the links!

Steampunk Tendencies

Steampunk Tendencies

A collection of extremely unique, beautiful, whimsical creations from the Steampunk community.

I love all of this!



“Rewilder creates the best bags on & for the planet from 100% salvaged materials. Everything is washed, cut, and sewn in California for bags with a micro-footprint and highest quality. They don’t make trash; they treasure it.”

As of this writing they were sold out of a lot of stuff, but we all know there’s still plenty of trash out there so they’ll make more eventually.

Great idea. Some cool designs too.

Recommended by Tina E.

Anthony Hopkins Talks To Brad Pitt About Movies, Mortality, And Mistakes

Anthony Hopkins Talks To Brad Pitt About Movies, Mortality, And Mistakes

From Interview Magazine.

It’s a long read, and I found it fascinating.

Block Blaster

Block Blaster

A fun, slightly “drifty” version of Arkanoid or Breakout.

I suck at it but it’s still addictive.

Suggested by Kate S.

And so this concludes the Friday Links for the First Friday in December 2019.

Happy Holidays everybody! See you next week.