April 3rd, 2020

Well happy Friday everybody.

We made it to April!


I mean I’ve been saying that “we made it to Friday” for many years now, but especially now… that’s definitely a plus. Hopefully you’re all hanging in there.

Going day by day right now. Week by week. It’s working! Hopefully for you as well.

Links time!

A.I. Gahaku

A.I. Gahaku

“The AI artist named ‘AI Gahaku’ generates canvas renaissance painting from your photos.”

The Rembrandt-y choice gave me a half-mustache and a decidedly disinterested expression.

Really interesting choices here.

Creative Dad Elegantly Plates and Serves His Son’s Lunch as a Waiter in a High-End Restaurant

Creative Dad Elegantly Plates and Serves His Son’s Lunch as a Waiter in a High-End Restaurant

“After a couple of weeks in quarantine, sommelier and stay-at-home dad Jason Booth found that he missed being in a restaurant, so he began plating a series of meals for his toddler son Jonah‘s lunch in a quite elegant fashion…”

The kid seems to enjoy it also.

I’m loving the ways people are passing the time during this crazy period in the world.



“The lost 2020 season – Simulating the lost games as hyper-realistic audio broadcasts”

I for one really miss basketball. And baseball.

Don’t Touch Your Face

Don't Touch Your Face

Click on the hands that are trying to touch the face.

I can attest: nearly impossible with a trackpad.

Bonus Link!

Tussen Kunst & Quarantaine

Tussen Kunst & Quarantaine

Dutch for “Between Art & Quarantine”.

“If you work from home and the walls come at you. Here is some homemade art.
“1. Choose your artwork
“2. Use 3 attributes
“3. Share @ intermediate arts quarantine”

A group of artists from across Holland recreate famour artworks using whatever they have at hand during quarantine.

Some of these are just amazing.

And that’s that! Your Friday: alllll linked up.

Have a good, safe, healthy weekend everybody.

Hopefully see you all in a week.