May 15th, 2020

Welcome back Friday, everybody!

Where I live, it’s supposed to be warm, sunny, lovely. It has not been. Which during lockdown turns out to be okay.

But come on! 🙂

So here we go…

Penguin Classics Cover Generator

Penguin Classics Cover Generator

[self explanatory]

So simple! So recognizable! I love it.

The Hyper-Detailed Imaginary Cities Of Ben Sack

The Hyper-Detailed Imaginary Cities Of Ben Sack

“Benjamin Sack makes amazing, large-scale pen and pencil drawings of fantastic cities, both real and imaginary.”

Holy crap yes he sure does. These are… ridiculous! (In good ways.)

Nature Mixer

Nature Mixer

“A customizable and immersive audio-visual nature experience to help you relax”

A pretty great little time waster, especially now.

SPACEX – ISS Docking Simulator

SPACEX - ISS Docking Simulator

This is alleged to be pretty close to the actual interface used by real astronauts to train to dock the real Dragon Crew craft to the ISS.

It’s definitely challenging. You need some patience.

Note: most ISS docking is performed 100% automatically. This is only used when that process is broken or unavailable.

And there we go!


Have a great Friday and a lovely (“long”?) weekend.