June 19th, 2020

Well how do ya like that? Friday! Huh!

All of a sudden.

This week was fast for me. Hopefully normal for all of you. Hope you’re all hanging in there.

Links time! This week I sadly only found three great ones.

Here we go.

{Shan, Shui}*

{Shan, Shui}*

“Procedurally-generated vector-format infinitely-scrolling Chinese landscape for the browser.”

The result looks like a 15th century Chinese landscape scroll.

Codebase here.




“Press PAINT if you like what you see or NO if you don’t”

A sort of randomly self-generated art… thing. But with human intervention and encouragement. Weird little site.

End Of Run

End Of Run

Use arrow keys or your mouse to move your square. Square counts up. You want to cover the target square with the same number.

It’s challenging!

It also has some delightful music.

And that’s that! All linked up.

Enjoy your Friday, and your weekend.

See you in seven days!